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Our first great passion and imports were the wines from the Langa and the Côte-d'Or - two areas known for their wonderful terroir.

There are no more ethereal grapes than Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. For this reason, we settled on our name, Ethereal Wines.

In more recent times, we have delved deeper into Piedmont (Monferrato, Tortona, Alto Piemonte, Carema, Caluso & Valli Ossolane), and the Northern Rhone. 

And very soon the Jura, Savoie & Beaujolais. But only for wines that speak of place.

Our search is always one for producers that provide excellent value and quality as well as expressing the terroir of their sites.

We are also part of a joint venture with Piedmont Fine Wines.

All our wines are cellared in a climate-controlled storage facility, and all our imports are shipped in climate-controlled containers (14c).

Director Rody Hall travels & tastes in each region regularly - believing that sourcing wines should emanate from cellar & vineyard visits, not from trade shows in large halls.

The focus is always on sustainable viticultural practices & quality, not quantity.

Ethereal Wines believes wines should be a combination of an embodiment of the land where they were grown & the soul of the families that produced them.

For all trade enquiries, please feel free to contact us. 

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Our Producers (by region)


Azienda Monchiero (Castiglione Falletto) 

Giuseppe Mascarello (Castiglione Falletto / Monchiero)

Podere Ruggeri Corsini (Monforte)

Castello di Verduno (Verduno)


Valter Musso (Barbaresco)

Fiorenzo Nada (Treiso)

Paitin (Neive)


Mark Haisma (Gilly-lès-Cîteaux, Côte de Nuits & Beaune)

Jean-Michel Gaunoux (Meursault, Côte de Beaune)

Chapelle de Blagny (Meursault, Côte de Beaune)

Domaine Tortochot (Gevrey Chambertin, Côte de Nuits)

Anne & Hervé Sigaut (Chambolle Musigny, Côte de Nuits)

Vincent Dampt (Chablis)

Nicolas Delfaud (Mâcon-Verzé)

Eric Forest (Mâcon-Vergisson)

Aline Beauné (Montagny)


Jérôme Arnoux (Arbois)

Domaine Joly (Rotalier)


Claude Quenard & Fils (Chignin)

Château de Mérande (Arbin)


Camille Mélinand (Fleurie)

Domaine Dupré Goujon (Côte de Brouilly)

Domaine André Colonge et Fils (Lancié)


Guido Platinetti (Ghemme)

Vigneti Costacurta (Ghemme)

La Palazzina (Bramaterra)

Cantina Delsignore (Gattinara)

Tenute Guardasole (Boca)

Podere ai Valloni (Boca)

Giacomo Marchiori (Cossato)


Azienda Agricola Piona (Gavi)

Giacomo Boveri (Tortona)

Matunei (Monferrato, Alfiano Natta)

Muraje (Carema)

Erbalù (Caluso, Moncrivello)

Cà Da l’Era (Valli Ossolane)

Wolfrest Gin (Montelupo Albese)

Mirbi Vermouth (Moncrivello)


Mark Haisma (Cornas)


Mani Su Wines (Victoria)